Loose, lengthy or dangling wires from an object that a child can reach or trip on can bring the object tumbling down on them and cause serious injury.

 A general rule of thumb for the life span of an electrical panel is approximately    20-30   years.

Here are a few ways to determine that you may need to either have your panel updated, or upgraded.

• Your panel has fuses v. circuit breakers.

• You are frequently tripping breakers.

• You are planning on adding onto or remodeling your home.

• You have been told that the panel does not meet current electrical codes.

• You are adding additional circuits and the panel is full.

• If there is any rust or corrosion on the panel or circuit breakers.

               SAFETY AND SECURITY

Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs) provide a simple, permanent solution for preventing common childhood shock and electrical burn injuries.

If you own a flat screen television that can be mounted on a wall, from the ceiling or above the fireplace would help prevent the item from falling onto someone. Most televisions have systems hooked up to them, cable box, video game box, VCR, surround sound system, just a few to mention. That means cable wires and or cords hanging out in the open for someone to pull on, trip on, a child to touch or a pet to chew on. The wires can be concealed (hidden). Not only will this help with safety but will also have a better look.

(GFCI)  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters help prevent electric shock, electrocution and burns.

(GFCI)  Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters help prevent electric fires.

Electricity can leak out of damaged or decaying wires and start a fire.

  If ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) not  working properly, they are not protecting you from shock, electrocution, burns or fires.


         Unprotected outlets are a hazard for small children.

         • Serious injuries result when common household objects are pushed into the slots.

         • TRRs replace standard outlets to protect children from injury.

         • A built-in shutter system prevents objects from being inserted.

         • Plugs can still be easily inserted when equal pressure is applied to both slots.

         • Unlike removable outlet caps, TRRs provide a permanent solution.

       Each and every year children are injured from simple electrical hazards in the home. This can be addressed before any injury   occurres.     We  can evaluate your home, give you our idea's on safety proofing, give an estimate and get these dangers   taken  care of right away. You can trust us to help you protect your family and your property. Providing you and your family piece of   mind and assurance knowing that you've performed these important safety steps.